Our licensed airfield at Hosur has a 7200 ft long runway, which allows operation of ATR, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 class of aircraft. The runway is offered for use to all aircraft operators for Aircraft Parking in Tamil Nadu, Availability of Hanger parking spaces, Aircraft Valet and cleaning service

Advantages of parking at TAAL Aircraft Parking near Bangalore:-

  • Taal aerodrome is closer to electronic city and surrounding locals than Bangalore Airport
  • No restriction to the aircraft for authorised crew and personnel
  • Private airfield which has a 24/7 security protocol
  • Taal has hanger parking available. Why leave your plane out on the apron and exposed to the elements. There is ample parking available for both Indian and foreign registered aircrafts
  • Guest house for the crew and pilots
Please see our facilities page to know more about the additional facilities extended by TAAL to its customers

Landing Fee (Single Landing)

AUW upto 5700 Kg
Rs 17250.00
AUW between 5701 and 9999 Kgs
Rs 24510.00
AUW between 10000 and 14999 Kgs
Rs 30000.00
AUW above 15000 Kgs
Rs 30000.00 + Rs 1000.00 per MT beyond 15 MT
Landing fee includes 3 hours of free parking

Parking and Tiedown Fees

Day Time: Rs 200.00 per hr
Night Halt: 25% on respective landing charges per night

Dedicated Parking

If your organization is looking to build its hangar for maintenance activities we can provide you land on a lease basis to construct your own hangar. Alternatively, we can construct a hangar to your specifications and enter into a lease agreement for the same. We have already rented out two such hangars (please see picture above) that are now fully operational at our airfield.


  • All charges are excluding applicable service tax
  • Watch hours of the aerodrome are between 8:30am and 5:00pm (on working days) and beyond this period and on Holidays watch hours extension charge of Rs 5000.00 per hr is applicable. Actual duration or minimum of 2 hours, whichever is higher shall be charged on holiday.
  • Weight (in MT) and time (in Hrs) shall be rounded-up to next whole figure.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

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