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Isn’t flying private considered a luxury? – than why not extend that experience and land into a private airfield as well.

TAAL Aerodrome provides Aircraft landing and concierge services

Our runway at TAAL - Private landing near Bangalore can accommodate a variety of aircrafts including Airbus 320 and Boeing 737’s and offers a range of additional facilities which can only be availed of at a private
  • TAAL aerodrome is closer to Electronic city than the Bangalore International airport.
  • TAAL Aerodrome is in close proximity to TVS Motors, Gabriel India Ltd, Sandvik Asia, Terex India Pvt Ltd and other major manufacturing companies
  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off vehicles are allowed all the aircraft. Taal offers free and secured parking for customer vehicles
  • Un-restricted access to the aircraft for authorised staff, crew and pilots. Additionally, TAAL offer’s a detailing service
  • Immediate clearance for landing and take-off
TAAL Offers 3 hours of free parking for aircrafts landing at the Aerodrome
Designation 09 & 27

09 - 12 39 43.15N, 077 45 43.87E,

27 - 12 39 44.41N, 077 46 41.60E

Markings Displaced Threshold Markings, Threshold markings, Designation,Centerline, Aiming Point and Touch Down markings Classification
Classification PCN 72/F/C/W/T
Designation B & C
Length 350MM
Width 18MM

All traffic should avoid flying over the local conurbations and approach by the clear corridors to the North East and South of the Aerodrome. Be aware that Hoosur Arodrome is close to Bangaluru City Airport so you are unable to approach from the west. There is a 2,500ft limit as Bangaluru TMA is overhead. Please check your charts for airspace.

Join overhead at 1,400ft (QNH) to avoid entering the airspace of Bangaluru City Airport. Please note revised circuit rules for 03/21

To establish PPR please call
+91 9952368270 (Mr Ajay) prior to departure.

If you wish to establish a PPR via e-mail, please complete the contact us form and submit

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